2.4-3.3V Voltage, with Program/Light control,Music selection IC for Cuckoo Clock.

Product Introduction


1. IC working voltage: 2.4~3.3V

2. Control mode:

a. Program control: at PM11:00~AM5:00 (PM11:00, PM12:00, AM01:00, AM02:00,

In the time between AM03:00, AM04:00, AM05:00 (the 7 dots do not ring), do not report the time, that is:Do not play the current music.

b. Light control: controlled by photo diode or photo resistor, the time will be reported when there is light, and the time will be reported when there is no light.

c. Close: turn off dotting time

3. Music selection:

a. Cuckoo fixed 5 tones of "cuckoo"

b. Cuckoo (point-to-point pitch and clock)

4. Cuckoo bird action

The cuckoo bird automatically enters and exits the door, and it flaps its wings when the bird calls "cuckoo" the main sound.

5. Power down reset

6. The output volume is adjustable. 

Schematic: 1