Strong Electronics&Technology Limited

Our company has established the complete quality assurance system and green environment protection system from design,production to after-sale service, and also passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 quality management system.

Following the quality policy “Profession: Total quality assurance, Devotion: Total customer satisfaction, Sustaining creative and promotion” Implement the modern enterprise management into business. We focus on new philosophy and means of quality, strictly quality management at any time, in the hope of offering the highest quality and total customer-satisfaction through continuous improvement

We are committed to construct a healthy and peaceful environment for our staff, customer, community, and also will continue to encourage and assist our suppliers to maintain the same high standard principles. Based on the Environmental Philosophy principle of “all-personnel participation, environmental protection, energy conservation, Continuous Improvement”, the company will respond to the regulations and laws established by EU and other countries actively, and insist on our production accord to environmental requirement, try to save energy and reduce costs, controlling of discharge pollution, improve environment performance actively. And now we have built and implemented environmental management system, and implemented 6S management so as to further impulse effective operation of the system, then accomplished optimal consolidate among economy benefit, society benefit and environment benefit.

Customer Satisfaction Degree improvement
To satisfy customer’s requirement and advance Customer Satisfaction Degree by establishing Customer Management System and credit Service.

Products Quality and Service Quality Improvement
To improve product quality and decrease problem and customer complaints; to increase Cost-Competition and service level

Operation Efficiency Improvement
To Increase the working Efficiency, to insure the operation quality through flow process, using Management ability to promote the action.

Quality Target:
Adopting international standards,making the passing rate of inspection on a batch of 99% or more

Environmental Concept:
Full participation in environmental protection
Reducing energy consumption and keeping sustainable improvement

Environment policy:
Establishing,keeping and improving the environmental management system according to the ISO1004 requests strictly

Comply with the regulations and laws in environmental protection, customer s requirement, and Environmental management regulations in our company.

Setting scientific environmental goals, indicator and management policy
Insisting on saving energy and reducing consumption, control the use of pollutants and emissions, continue to improve the company's environmental performance for the target

Improving the staff's environmental protection awareness, to protect environment, treasure natural resources as own responsibility

Environmental goals:
To decrease the consumption of resources, prevent the pollution of the environment, manufacture green production

Full Automation Production Line: