Wireless product Europe brand B


Company B is an Europe brand manufacturer of wireless products. It has branches worldwide, its R&D centers are in the US and Europe, and production subcontractors in China and East Asia.

The SMD quartz crystal unit and filter are used in a product developed by it. Because of the original design used by Japanese parts, the price is high, the delivery time is too long, and the payment term with the production subcontractor is inconvenient and many other factors.

Since 2012, we have introduced our pin to pin equivalent parts to them, and through a series of certifications and tests, we have opened a large-volume supply model: the order plan is given by Company B, which is delivered by our company in China and East Asia. Its production sub-contractors have achieved rapid response, localized service and timely delivery. It has greatly shortened the cooperation process, delivery time, and reduced production costs. It has been highly praised by Company B and has become a long-term company of Company B. Quality supplier.