Ultra-thin thickness 0.45mm.

It is a completely sealed type with a metal case sealed on a ceramic board.

Automatic mounting is possible.

Excellent electrical performance, ideal for OA (office automation), AV (audiovisual), Bluetooth and Wireless LAN applications.

Product Introduction
Type SMD 2.0*1.6*0.45mm
Frequency Range 频率范围 16.000MHz~72.000MHz
Vibration mode 振动模式 AT cut, Fundamental
Frequency Tolerance at 25 频率公差 ±10ppm ,±30ppm ,or specify
Frequency Stability Over operating Temperature 频率温度公差 ±10ppm ±30ppm or specify
Operating Temperature Range 工作温度 -20℃~+70 or specify
Storage Temperature Range 储存温度 -40℃~+85 or specify
Drive level 驱动功率 100uW MAX
Shunt Capacitance 静态电容 3.0pfMax
Load Capacitance 负载电容 8pf 10pf,or specify
Equivalent Series ResistanceESR 等效电阻 See Table NO.1
Aging 年老化特性 ±2ppm/year ±5ppm /year
Reflow Conditions 回流焊条件 260 For 10s Max2 Reflows Max
Min.Packing 3000pcs/reel

Resistance of Series Resonance (ESR)等效电阻
FrequencyMHz Mode Ohm Max FrequencyMHz Mode Ohm Max
16.000~20.000 Fundamental 200 26.000~40.000 Fundamental 100
21.000~25.000 Fundamental 120 41.000~73.000 Fundamental 60