Supports a wide temperature range from –40 to +125°C.

Compact and light. Dimensions : 3.2 × 2.5 × 1.2 mm, weight : 0.02 g.

This crystal clock oscillator can support low frequencies (from 1.5MHz) not easily achieved with crystal units of the same size.

Taped units enable automatic mounting IR Reflow (lead free) is possible.


Product Introduction
Type SMD Crystal OSC - CMOS Output 3.2*2.5*1.2mm
Freq. range 1.0 ~ 40.0MHz 41.0 ~ 50.0MHz 51.0 ~ 156.25MHz
Supply Voltage 1.0V ~ 5.0V 1.8V ~ 5.0V
Frequency Stability ±10ppm ~ ±100ppm ±25ppm ~ ±100ppm
Operating Temperature Range 0~+70 (-40~+85 is available)
Storage Temperature Range -55~+125
Current 30mA Max.
Load 15pF
Output Level CMOS
Output Symmetry 45~55 (at 50%VDD)
Rise Time/Fall Time 10nS Max.
Min. Packing 3,000pcs/Reel